Rajawali Indonesia Communication provide consultant, strategic planning and informasi services in politic field handled by professionals that experienced in politic, economic, marketing and statistic. We help client to build positive images and another mesured desireable objective. Based on research and power of media campaign, Archpolitica assist candidate to win legislative election and PILKADA.


The survey was conducted by independent institutions, LSI (Indonesia Survey Institute), as our partner. Goal of the survey is to determine the candidate level of popularity and electability and determine the strength of competitors with a clear calculation.


Based on survey result, we will build image with elegant and innovative methods. Dengan berbasis hasil survey, kami akan membangun citra dengan metode-metode yang elegan dan inovatif. Increase awareness and build constituent loyality.


  • Political consultant
  • Cost budgeting
  • Campaign content and style
  • Politic and social network
  • Creative, production & placement strategy
  • Media relation & media production
  • Media monitoring
  • Event organizing & monitoring
  • Grassroot program & campaign team training


  • Photo sessions
  • Outdoor media design ( Billboard, Baliho, Spanduk, etc )
  • Campaign attribute design
  • Comm Radio Ad Production
  • Print Design – Ad
  • Mobile branding design
  • TVC Storyboard


  • Hafidh Asrom, Bupati Sleman candidate
  • Agustian Domargo, Bupati Bengkulu Tengah candidate
  • S.H. Sarundajang, Gubernur Incumbent Sulawesi Utara
  • Mardani H. Maming, Bupati Tanah Bumbu candidate