Bilboard is type of outdoor promotional products with giant form. The placement itself should be strategic, especially in the arterial roads that allow road users to observe and instantly recognize the product offered at glance (eye catching). The material is displayed in the form of a name, a logo, an illustration of a product or company.


Midiboard & Miniboard is type of outdoor products with medium form. The placement itself should be strategic, especially in arterial roads to class II and III roads. The material is displayed in the form of product or company. This board size is not too big, so it can placed everywhere as long as permitted by goverment. Your product or brand will easily to remember with this product, because it can be placed everywhere and as much as it can.


Towersign/Pylon is board that can display company or shop name. This board usually placed at front of building with pylon and with enough height so it can be seen clearly from road from distance.


Shopsign is board that display the shop or company sign in front of it's building. It size and shape are varies. This board length usually adjusted to the building length itself.


Neonbox is type of outdoor promotional product, but it can be placed indoor or outdoor. This product will look nicely at night because of it's lighting system. Technically it's a box that contain neons inside and covered with something semi-transparent that called Back Light style.


Neonsign is type of outdoor promotional product that can be placed indoor or outdoor. Its basic material is bended "neon cabe" following its frame. It looks nicely at night but little bit unclear at day.


Mobile Branding is outdoor promotional product. It usually patched at vehicle body. For "Panel Mobil" type, the advertising material usually patched to promoted company's car. For "Transport Ad" type, the advertising material patched to public transportation car's body.


If you need alternative quick and cheap promotional product, indoor or even outdoor, that can easily to understand by customer (eg. for one day event), baliho is the answer, because it's quick to build and not to complex like Billboard or Neon Box.


Color, Design, Shape, or even Size is not a problem! Liberate your idea to promote your brand! Talk about printing, your choice to work with us is the best one. We ensure you to pick the best material, long lasting, and accuracy on implementing your design.


This product use manual printing technique with fabric as its media. It called screen printing because the process of transferring the design to the fabric media is using a tool called "plangkan" (screen). We've served a lot of project to make Banners, Shop Screen, and "Rontek". We always pleased with good price, good speed, and precise timing. On all of our hand printing product, we put Rajawali Indonesia's logo which is our characteristic.