Glenn will hold a solo concert titled “Konser Tunggal 17 Tahun Glenn Fredly: Cinta Beta” that is planned to be held 2 September 2012 in Senayan, Jakarta. The concert was held to commemorate 17 years existence of Glenn Fredly in music industry. In cooperation with the promoter RAJAWALI COMMUNICATION INDONESIA, male singer whose name is skyrocketed by the single “Cukup” will also introduce the art and culture of East Indonesia, especially from his homeland, Ambon.

Although will be held on 2 September, the solo concert has been prepared properly. At that performance, Glenn will bring the romance of East Indonesia to Istora Senayan. “I will present not only the songs from my 17-years of career, but also some new songs. I’d like to add romanticism of East Indonesia into my songs. But how it will be sounds like, we shall see,” state Glenn in the press conference at Rolling Stone Cafe, South Jakarta, at Thursday (3/5).

According to him, 17-years concert Glenn Fredly “Cinta Beta” is a simple representation of himself. “To be elaborated, it reflects my identity as an East Indonesian,” said Glenn.

The man from Ambon, Maluku, hopes that his solo concert gives a beautiful influence at the middle of pragmatism in the Indonesian music industry. “Seventeen is such a young age but remarkable. It becomes my answer as a music enthusiast, that creating a good music is not only for a certain media,” he stated.

Concert ticket “Cinta Beta” will be worth IDR 750K for VIP, IDR 300K for Tribune A, 250K for Tribune B, 400K for Festival A and 350K for Festival B. You can also buy the tickets via and

More info :
#17Tahun Glenn @RajawaliIndo : 0274 520115

New Year's Eve Celebration in Specacular Jazz

To make your new year’s eve more exciting, Rajawali Indonesia Communication proudly presents another spectacular jazz concert at the end of the year. The concert will be performed by Indonesian jazz maestros whose name have been known for this music fans, such as Tompi, Idhang Rasjidi, Sadhu Rasjidi, and Echa Soemantri.

The concert is held in collaboration with Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta as a special dedication at the end of the year. This exclusive-nuance concert will present a spectacular Jazz music performances that will accompany you at the New Year's Eve in the beautiful atmosphere of Bogey's Terrace Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, where the event is held.

Who doesn’t know Tompi? The jazz singer named Teuku Adi Fitrian was born at 22 September 1978 and is known through Bali Lounge album. Began his career from a house band, now he is one of the skyrocketed singer in Indonesia. In Singapore, he is also nicknamed as Super Vocalist or Super Sound. His live appearance is always awaited because of his fascinating touch of improvising the song with his high-pitch sound.

In the meantime, senior musician Idang Rasjidi will also share the stage. Dabbled in music for over 40 years, he is one of the most influential person on the development of Jazz music in Indonesia. With his piano, Idang has delivered so many beautiful compositions. Not only in his own country, the public abroad also appreciate Idang’s works. You can see it by how often Idang is involved in many world-class musical event.

Yesaya Wilander Soemantri, or more popular with the name Echa Soemantri, in a young Indonesian drummer who is quite well-known among musicians. Energetic play and calm style become his trait on the stage. Despite his young age, his experience in music is can’t be underestimated. He has performed in many great events like Jakarta International Jazz Festival and Java International Jazz Festival.

Shadu Rasjidi, son of Idang, also shares the stage with the musicians before-mentioned. Got his music talent from his father, Shadu chose bass as his instrument. Idang often bring Shadu’s bass touch into his projects. He also has collaborated with foreign musicians like Margie Segers and Matthew Sayerz.

So, do not miss this exclusive event titled “New Year's Eve Celebration in Spectacular Jazz” featuring Tompi, Idang Rasjidi, Echa Soemantri, and Shadu Rasjidi at lively Bogey’s Teras. The event is scheduled to begin at 20.00 pm. Certanly, it will be a remarkable and memorable New Year's Eve experience.

So, do not miss this exclusive event titled “New Year's Eve Celebration in Spectacular Jazz” featuring Tompi, Idang Rasjidi, Echa Soemantri, and Shadu Rasjidi at lively Bogey’s Teras. The event is scheduled to begin at 20.00 pm. Certanly, it will be a remarkable and memorable New Year's Eve experience.

Rajawali Indonesia Communication with PT. Gudang Garam. Tbk. Presenting a unique and spectacular music concert Surya 16 An An Exclusive Experience With Glenn Fredly, Tompi, Sandhy Sandoro. Trio Lestari was able to moved their audiences emotionally and also showed-up with a deep thought and concern of humanism and society.

It was held in Central Park Ballroom, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat and opened by Davina with her beautiful voice singing “Jauh” one of Slank’s hit song. Surprisingly after Davina all the udiences can hear Glen Fredly singing his first song “Jali-jali”, without his physical appearence on stage. Tompi was the next performer, he appeared in a fancy black suit and fedora singing “Tak Tergoyahkan”. Three songs and then he invited Gading Marten to join him on stage rapping. The plasctic surger specialist also prepared another surprised for the audiences by inviting two beautiful young Tompi to accompanied him singing “Aku Jatuh Cinta”.

Before Tompi leaved the stage, Glen Fredly showed-up again. Together they performed “Sekali Ini Saja” before he ended the spectacular night by asking an audience to sing “Sedih Tak Berujung” with him on stage. What a special night, because Glen rarely performed the song on stage.


Both Entertaining and Educating Performance

The success of Laskar Pelangi Musical (MLP) that initiated by Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza eventually reach Yogyakarta. Rajawali Indonesia is the promoter who brought complete team members of Laskar Pelangi Musical to this city, from the players, stage decoration, to the crews. It is because Rajawali Indonesia wants to display an alternative entertainment that have educational value to the community through a musical play.

But the struggle is not easy though. From finding proper building, sound system, to the purchasing power of Jogja people itself. Rajawali Indonesia realizes it’s not an easy task to bring a musical play to Yogyakarta. “Musical play is a new thing here. It’s a new exciting challenge for us to bring MLP show to Yogyakarta,” said Anas Syahrul Alimi, CEO of Rajawali Indonesia.

“Initially, we offered the idea to Ms Mira and the team to perform MLP in Yogyakarta. Tit for tat, it turned out that Ms. Mira also wants to make MLP tour to big cities in Indonesia. After surveying many theater building here, Ms Mira finally picked Jogja Expo Center. So that we agree to perform MLP in Yogyakarta,” Anas mentioned.

The play will be held 5 times for 3 days, starts from 23 until 25 May 2012. The team composition, players, and stage set is identical with their plays in Jakarta and Singapore. Riri Riza as the director, Erwin Gutawa as the arranger, Jay Subiakto as the art director, Toto Arto and Mira Lesmana as the producer, and Hartati as the choreographer. Mira also auditioned several local players from Jogja to participating in this show.

Can be enjoyed from all age, the presence of Laskar Pelangi Musical play in Yogyakarta is expected to become an alternative entertainment that can educate and give new insights for the people. The show is also supported by PT. Sari Husada, producer of SGM.

From 21 to 25 March 2012, audience from Yogyakarta and Central Java can buy presale tickets for Platinum Class at 20% discount at The Jungle kids exhibition, Rajawali Indonesia booth in Jogja Expo Center. By 26 March, you can buy all class tickets by calling 0274 520 115 and following us on Twitter @RajawaliIndo or FB fan page Musikal Laskar Pelangi Goes to Jogja.

For the umpteenth time, a concert of Indonesian top singers held again in Yogyakarta. With Spectacular Collaboration theme carried this time, Tompi, Glenn Fredly, and Indra Lesmana are ready to entertain in a concert titled “INDONESIA HITS SONG WITH TOMPI, GLENN FREDLY AND INDRA LESMANA”.

This spectacular concert promoted by Rajawali Indonesia Communication will present the showcase of Indonesian hits songs that will be rearranged by Indra Lesmana as music director and sung by the collaboration of male top singers, Tompi and Glenn Fredly. There also will be a special performance by Indonesian reggae ambassador, Ras Muhamad, that will give different colors for the concert.

Teuku Adifitrian or known as Tompi, is one of the best solo singer of Indonesia. Various awards have been achieved for his work and dedication to the music of Indonesia. After succeeded with the previous collaboration project with Glenn and Sandy Sandoro, this singer who is also a doctor makes a next breakthrough by the collaboration with Indra Lesmana and Glenn Fredly.

Likewise, Glenn Fredly’s stunning performance always be awaited. Started his career through a talent show, Glenn is quite close with his fans. His songs like Cukup Sudah, Januari, Sedih Tak Berujung and Cinta Putih are memorable. No wonder if he have received so many awards.

In the other hand, Indra Lesmana is one of the best Indonesian multi-talents musician from singing, music directing, to composing songs. The musician who started music since the age of 10 has become a jazz icon of Indonesia and has had a collaboration with international jazz musicians such as Vinie Colaiuta, Michael Landau, and Boby Chew.

As disclosed by CEO Rajawali Indonesia, Anas Syahrul Alimi to the reporters, "The concept is Spectacular Collaboration, where Indra (Lesmana) will rearrange Indonesian hits which will be sung by Tompi and Glenn (Fredly). They will give you a special treat. We also present Ras Mohammed to make the concert more spectacular and colorful."

The event that will be held on February 4, 2012, at the Grand Pacific Hall Yogyakarta is scheduled to begin at 20.00. So make sure to come and see “INDONESIA HITS SONG WITH TOMPI, GLENN FREDLY AND INDRA LESMANA (Spesial Performance Ras Muhamad)” at February 4th.

For further information, please call 0274-520115 or Line/SMS to 0821 2890 2890. Also kindly follow our Twitter at @RajawaliIndo and visit us at

Tompi's performance highly acclaimed of all spectators who packed the Hall Grand Pacific, Jalan Magelang, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY), on Friday (4/2/2011) night. Only by clearing his throat, Tompi already drew cries of the fans. Audience of around 3,500 people welcomed the opening performance of Tompi with applause and shouts. Cheers have started to rumble even when Tompi not sing his song yet. "Ehhemm ..." Tompi's typical voice from behind the stage curtain. Suddenly, the entire hall rumbled by shouts calling upon Tompi and applause. A moment later, Tompi appeared on stage accompanied by jazz. Tompi sang Do not Worry Be Happy. Tompi is the opening act in the Special Night With Tompi - Glenn Fredly - Sandhy Sondoro show at Grand Pasific Hall, Jalan Magelang, DIY Yogyakarta on friday (4/2/2011) night.

What would happen if two top artists share the stage to entertain the fans? It will be happening in March, when RICK PRICE and KAHITNA decided to collaborate at a concert tour. Yogyakarta, Makassar, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung will be favored cities to be their tour destination. Certainly, thousands of their fans won’t miss these moments.

RICK PRICE is a soloist from Aussie that have been popular around the world by his songs like Heaven Knows, If You’re My Baby, Not Day Goes By, etc. Began his career in the 1980s, he started to release his works at Australian radio stations circa 1992. With his distinctive voice, simple lyrics and beautiful melodies, his fame became skyrocketed. It was indicated by the sold out tickets in his Australia Tour concert in 1993. After his acoustic concert in Jakarta mid-2011, now he is back again to satisfy his fans.

KAHITNA is one of the top Indonesian band whose presence gave a new color to the evolution of Indonesian music. Bandung-based group that was established June 24, 1986, is always be anticipated by its fans. Kahitna is known to unite elements of jazz, pop, fusion, Latino and even ethnic into its love-nuance songs. After its 25th anniversary concert not so long ago, they try to fulfill the fans through this concert.

RAJAWALI INDONESIA is collaborating with Melon Production are responsible to hold this event and try deliver the nostalgic and loving feeling for the fans at these tour concert entitled “INDONESIA TOUR 2012 WITH RICK PRICE Kahitna LIVE IN CONCERT”. CEO Rajawali Indonesia Anas Syahrul Alimi said, “This concerts was deliberately organized as an offering for those who want to reminisce with Rick Price and Kahitna. Their love songs will be a special treat for fans who have missed these two singers.”

The concerts will be held in Yogyakarta, Makassar, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung. With affordable ticket price, you really don’t want to miss them. For more info and ticket reservations, please call 0274-520115 or SMS to 0821 2890 2890. Also follow our twitter in @RajawaliIndo or visit our website at

Concert Ticket Sales “Indonesia Tour 2012 RICK PRICE and Kahitna Live in Concert” 5 Big City

Live In Jogjakarta, Grand Pacific -- March 9
Live In Medan, Santika Dyandra -- March 11
Live In Makassar, Grand Clarion -- March 13
Live In Bandung, Sasana Budaya Ganesha -- March 16
Live In Surabaya, Grand City -- March 18

The tickets can be bought at the ticket box every city below:


  1. Dunkin Donuts Jakal
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BANDUNG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SEAT LAYOUT SABUGA

  1. Ardan Group
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  1. M Radio
  2. Gen Fm
  3. Istara Fm

Ticket price
*Platinum Rp. 1.500.000,
*Gold Rp. 750.000,
*Silver Rp. 325.000
*Bronze Rp. 150.000.

Contact Person 0821 2890 2890 or follow twitter @RajawaliIndo

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