Trio Lestari, a vocal group that consists of Glenn Fredly, Sandhy Sandoro and Tompi will hold a concert in Yogyakarta, February 6, 2016. It is organized to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

Rajawali Indonesia as the promoter of the show has informed the media at a press conference on Wednesday (30/12/2015) afternoon in Sate Afrika, Jalan Maguwoharjo, Sleman. This concert will be their first concert after five years not holding any concert in a trio format.

Trio Lestari that was formed on 4 February 2011 will hold the concert titled ‘Jogja I’m in Love Trio Lestari Show’ at Grand Pacific Hall. They are scheduled to perform for 2 hours to cure the yearning of their fans. They will perform many of their romantic songs including ‘Sekali Ini Saja’ by Glenn Fredly, ‘Menghujam Jantungku’ by Tompi, and ‘Malam Biru’ by Sandi Sandoro.

“It’s an honor to bring back the Trio Lestari to Yogyakarta. We also have prepared some surprise for the audience. Just wait and see. This will be a special concert for you to enjoy,” said the CEO of Rajawali Indonesia, Anas Syahrul Alimi.

For this show, the promoters have provided tickets divided into three classes. IDR 420,000 for Festival class, IDR 600,000 for Gold class, and IDR 1,200,000 for Platinum class.

Acapella group from United States, Pentatonix, will be present in front of their fans in Indonesia for the first time in early June. The tickets of the concert that scheduled to be held at Balai Kartini on 3 June 2015 are sold out immediately on presale. Because of the demand from potential viewers who did not get the tickets, Rajawali Indonesia and Pentatonix management finally decided to add another concert on 4 June in the Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta.

Pentatonix that consist of Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstie Maldonado, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola start their music career since 2011 from the city of Arlington, Texas, United States. After the winning on the television show, The Sing-Off aired by NBC, Pentatonix signed its album contract with Sony Music International. EP PTX Volume I debut mini album was released a year later and managed to get the attention with the reach of 8 million subscribers and over 100 million views on Youtube. The next album, PTX Volume II that was released in 2013 has topped the charts of Billboard Independent Album USA and spread around the world.

In February 2015, the single hits Pentatonix 'Daft Punk' has won the International Grammy Award for 'Best Arrangement, Instrumental Or Acapella’. The series of concert tour around the world titled 'On My Way Home Tour' is held in USA, Europe, and Asia. Jakarta will be the next stop where Pentatonix will satisfy their fans for two days.

The appearance of Pentatonix in Jakarta is initiated by Rajawali Indonesia and Midas Promotion. The two performances in two different location will give two different atmospheres in each show. The ticket can still be acquired at each venue. So, get the ticket now! More info, click

Presale Price

PENTA : Rp. 1.125.000
VIP : Rp. 750.000
FESTIVAL : Rp. 517.500
TRIBUN : Rp. 345.000

Normal price

PENTA : Rp. 1.500.000
VIP : Rp. 1.000.000
FESTIVAL : Rp. 690.000
TRIBUN : Rp. 460.000

*Ticket prices are included of 10% tax

Online Ticketbox:


Coboy Junior (CJR) is ready to execute its 30 cities tour concert. For the opening, they will perform a concert in an airplane at 30,000 feet above the ground. “As an ice breaking, the opening of the 30 cities tour concert will be held at the 30,000 feet altitude with live band,” said Anas S. Alimi, CEO of Rajawali Indonesia.

Anas also stated that the concert will try to break the record of the highest altitude music concert ever done in Indonesia. “We will also invite the media and Comate (CJR fans) during the in-the-air concert,” said Anas. CJR will perform 8 to 10 songs during their 45-minutes show. “We don’t announce the first city yet. But for sure, CJR will entertain their fans from Sabang to Merauke during April to the end of 2013. They are a new phenomenon in the Indonesian music industry with remarkable market from kids to adults,” he added.

Tour concert titled CJR Generation 2013 will be presenting a different concept for the aspect of stage, lighting, fashion style and choreography. They will also use live band, not minus one. “The tour of 30 cities will be different with other CJR concert that held before. They will be epic, exclusive and stirring,” mention Anas. “It took 6 months to finalize the concept. Like how is the safety and the place. We consult the airlines about it.”

Although the cabin will be modified, some limitations is still experienced by the organizers. That is why the acoustic concept is chosen. “It will become a new sensation for CJR fans, differ from their CDs. We also limit the seat for only 50 Comates. The airplane concert ticket holders will get full accommodation in the first city,” said Anas.

Aldi, Bastian, Iqbaal, and Rizky, member of CJR, are ready to entertain the Comates. However, since they are still in school, they only take full jobs at weekends. “They are still in the junior high, so it’s our responsibility to make the school as first priority. They can practice after school and perform at concerts at weekends,” said Patrick Effendi, manager of CJR.

The organizers will differ the ticket price from one city to another. “The price will be around 100,000 to 750,000. In some cities, there will be Meet and Greet session and another gimmick,” said Anas represent the promoters. The tour will comprise Jogja, Malang, Aceh, Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Batam, Bengkulu, Surabaya, Solo, Semarang, Purwokerto, Bandung, Bogor, Palembang, Batam, Makassar, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Pontianak, Manado, Gorontalo, Banjarmasin, Ternate, Ambon, Palu, Lombok, Denpasar, Kupang, Jakarta and Jambi.


In the spring of 1973, a 17-year-old teenager appeared for the first time at the Paramount Northwest Theater, Portland, United States. Armed with saxophone musical instrument, at the young age he was believed to be a musical performer in a prestigious group consists of 40 musicians led by Barry White, Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Twenty-four years later, in 1997, the young teenager had recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the musician for blowing sax with the longest duration ever recorded. His name is Kenneth Bruce Gorelick that later took the stage name of KENNY G.

Following the success of the Air Supply, Pentatonix, and Rio Febrian concerts, promoter Rajawali Indonesia Communication will hold a concert titled ‘Prambanan Jazz’ in Yogyakarta. For the first time, Kenny G will greet the fans from Yogyakarta at this gig.

Of course, this would be a big surprise for jazz enthusiasts and the fans of Kenny G in particular. “‘Masterpiece’ is the word that can describe our concept for this concert. Kenny G is a legend that has produced the masterpieces of the world-class music. Likewise, Prambanan is a masterpiece of Indonesia which has been recognized by the world. So, Prambanan Jazz Festival is a blend of creativity and a place of a masterpiece,” stated Anas Syahrul Alimi, CEO of Rajawali Indonesia.

Kenny G is listed as a solo artist on Arista Records in 1982 after the label president Clive Davis heard the musical rendition of ABBA's ‘Dancing Queen.' He released several solo albums and collaborations with various artists including Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston, Peabo Bryson, Aaron Neville, Toni Braxton, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Natalie Cole, Steve Miller, Weezer, Dudley Moore, Lee Ritenour, The Rippingtones, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Frank and Sinatra.

Kenny’s second and third album was awarded Platinum in the US. The sixth album Breathless, became the number one best-selling instrumental which sold over 15 million copies. He broke another record when his first holiday album Miracles, sold over 13 million copies, making it became the most successful Christmas album until now.

For this concert, the promoter has provided approximately 10,000 tickets divided to Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Festival classes. The price is starting from IDR 150,000 for Festival, IDR 600,000 for Gold, IDR 1 million for Platinum, and by the call for Diamond. The tickets will be on sale by Saturday (5/9).

Curious about the performance of the legendary Kenny G? So, don’t miss the colossal ‘Prambanan Jazz International Music Festival 2015’ at the court of Candi Prambanan Yogyakarta on 16 October 2015. Get the tickets immediately at Rajawali Indonesia, Sate Afrika,, or call the hotline 0274 283 739 / 0822 4271 8000. Also follow our Twitter at @RAJAWALIINDO.

Legendary band from Australia, Air Supply is one of the most anticipated band in Indonesia. During the Air Supply 40th Anniversary Tour concert, they will be performing in two cities in Indonesia, first in Graha Horizon UN, Malang on 10 March 2015, and the next day in the Tentrem Ballroom, Yogyakarta on 11 March 2015.

The duo of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell has so many everlasting hits, such as Goodbye, Making Love Out of Nothing at All, All Out of Love, and Hero. No wonder if they have millions of fans around the world, including Indonesia.

According to the promoter, Rajawali Indonesia, Air Supply will perform with a full band format and will bring at least 20 hits to the audience. Rajawali Indonesia also set up about 3000 tickets to anticipate the enthusiasm of the fans.

The following ticket prices in Malang and Yogyakarta:

Platinum : Rp. 1.500.000,-
Gold : Rp. 750.000,-
Silver : Rp. 500.000,-
Festival : Rp. 250.000,-

Air Supply concert ticket box in Malang will be available at 
Ria Djenaka, Monopoli Merbabu and Soekarno Hatta, Elfara FM Radio and Anang Family Karaoke.

Meanwhile, ticket box in Yogyakarta will be available at Swaragama FM, JIZ FM, Legend Coffee and Tribun Jogja. For more information, you can contact the hotline number on 0812-5510-0096 (Malang) and 082-242-718-000 (Yogyakarta).

Moreover, Rajawali Indonesia confirms that they will bring more international artists to perform in Indonesia. “We will always try to present a classy concert. After Air Supply, there are some international artists who will come to Yogyakarta and several cities in Indonesia. Just wait for it,” said Anas Sahrul Alimi, CEO of Rajawali Indonesia.

For further information about the following concerts held by Rajawali Indonesia, please follow @RajawaliIndo on Twitter.

Celebrating 15 years of work in Indonesian music industry, Rio Febrian will hold his solo concert in Jakarta. The event is scheduled to take place on 12 August 2015 at Balai Sarbini.

Rajawali Indonesia Communication becomes the promoter that is trusted to hold the concert titled ‘LOVE 15 Rio Febrian: Romantic Concert’. Through this solo concert, Rio Febrian wants to give his appreciation for his fans that have been supporting him over the years.

Pada tahun 2000 bersama Erra Fazira dari Malaysia, ia membawakan lagu lama karya Fariz RM, lagu yang dipopulerkan oleh sang pencipta dan Neno Warisman ini berjudul “Nada Kasih”. Seiring naiknya popularitas lagu "Nada Kasih", Rio Febrian bergabung dengan Elfa's Choir. Bersama Elfa's Choir ia mengikuti kompetisi paduan suara internasional, yaitu Choir Olympic 2000 di Linz, Austria, dan meraih Juara I Male Ensemble dan Juara I Adult Choir.

In 2000, Rio Febrian collaborated with Erra Fazira from Malaysia to sing the old songs of Fariz RM titled ‘Nada Kasih’. As the popularity of the song arose, Rio Febrian joined the Elfa’s Choirs. Together with Elfa’s Choirs, he participated in the Choir Olympic 2000 in Linz, Austria and became the winner of Male Ensemble and Adult Choir. No wonder, Rio already showed his talent in singing by winning the national competitions since nine years old.

After 15 years of work, six albums, and many concert tour in the country and abroad, Rio wanted to hold an extraordinary concert. Rio will collaborate with many musicians who have helped him during his career. The atmosphere of the show will be intimate and exclusive.

According to Anas Syahrul Alimi, CEO of Rajawali Indonesia Communication, this concert will be a very romantic one. “Given that Rio sings the romantic songs, we involve Agus Noor as the art director and show director of this concert. Agus Noor who also an author and director is expected to present a wild and spectacular performance,” said Anas.

So, don’t miss the show! For more information and update about the concert, please visit and follow @RajawaliIndo on Twitter.

Jakarta, 29 May 2013 - LA Lights in cooperation with Rajawali Indonesia Communication will hold the LA Lights Music Project, a completely different music concert throughout June-July.

LA Lights Music Project is a musical event that promote the idealism of creativity and quality. Not only by the concepts of lighting, multimedia, and stage set, but also the concept of music performance that is packaged exclusively.

LA Lights Music Project will present one of the legendary Indonesian band Slank with performance titled “Rejuvenated” in collaboration with several female singers like Andien, Raisa, Dira Sugandi, Giselle, Citra Scholastika, and Kikan.

Slank mostly performs outdoor concert. But this time, they will be performing indoor with limited capacity for the audience convenience in LA Lights Music Project. You can enjoy their songs in a different atmosphere and interact more closely with them.

LA Lights Music Project will be held to entertain people in eight cities in Indonesia, i.e. Banjarmasin at 9 June, Manado 12 June, Gorontalo 18 June, Balikpapan 20 June, Pontianak 25 June, Palangkaraya 27 June, Solo 2 July and Malang at 4 July.

Ticket prices for LA Lights Music Project concerts start from IDR 150,000 to 500,000. Tickets can be bought at the ticket box in 8 cities or via online at

For more information of LA Lights Music Project, please follow @slankdotcom @RajawaliIndo @LALights on Twitter.(*)

Once again, Yogyakarta will become the host of a spectacular show. Famous composer and songwriter Yovie Widianto will collaborate with seven top artists in the country: Marcell, Rio Febrian, Andien, Raisa, Mario Kahitna, Dudi Oris, and 5 Romeo.

The love music fans from Yogyakarta shall be glad to welcome the Valentine’s day this year by watching their performance on stage in a concert titled “Seasons of Love: Yovie and His Friends”.

Yovie and His Friends is a collaboration formed by Yovie Widianto with a number of famous singers who are some of their works were closely related with his. The artists that perform under the banner of Yovie and His Friends are Mario Ginanjar and Hedi Yunus (KAHITNA vocalists), Dudi Oris (former vocalist of Yovie & Nuno), Rio Febrian, Andien, Marcell, 5 Romeo, and Kikan (former vocalist of Cokelat). For their performance in Yogyakarta, Yovie also brings the rising female singer, Raisa.

“The musicians that joined in this concert have scored a lot of hits, and they will perform under the arrangement of Yovie Widianto,” said Anas S. Alimi from Rajawali Indonesia who acts as the promoter.

The concert is worth to look forward not only because it brings eight talented Indonesian musicians together, but also becomes a re-interpretation of love hits by Yovie that have been popularized by KAHITNA, Yovie & Nuno, Rio Febrian, Hedi Yunus, Rossa, Glenn Fredly, and some other artists. The fans of Yovie will be invited to enjoy a number of his love songs like Andai Dia Tahu, Takkan Terganti, Cantik, Bukan Untukku, Suratku, Sebatas Mimpi etc on Thursday, 28 February 2013 at the Grand Pacific Hall.

Yovie Widianto was born in Bandung, 21 November 1986. He was known as the motor and songwriter for Kahitna. He was inspired by a fusion jazz band from Japan, Casiopea, in the making of Kahitna in 1986. After that, he turned to pop.

With Kahitna, he has released even studio albums, one the best album, and one compilation album. Then he formed the Yovie & Nuno in 2001 and made four albums, namely Semua Bintang (2001), Kemenangan Cinta (2005), The Special One (2007), and Winning Eleven (2010).

So, get ready to celebrate your Valentine with the special performance of Yovie and Friends.

Ticket Price

Presale ticket will be sold from 15 to 17 January 2013 starting at 10.00 only on >>> <<< with Festival A Rp.210K, Festival B Rp.105K, Gold Rp.455K and Platinum Rp.1,050K.

As for the regular sales is starting on 18 January 2013 with Festival A Rp300K, Festival B Rp150K, Gold Rp650K and Platinum Rp1,500K.