“Mariah Carey Siap Mengguncang Borobudur Symphony”
Borobudur Symphony 2018 - MARIAH CAREY Live In Concert
Taman Lumbini, Borobudur Temple
Central Java, Indonesia

MAGELANG – Borobudur Symphony adalah sebuah pagelaran musik bertaraf internasional yang digelar untuk pertama kalinya dipelataran Candi Borobudur. Pagelaran musik ini merupakan sebuah bentuk upaya sinergi jangka panjang BUMN Hadir Untuk Negeri dalam memperkenalkan dunia pariwisata Indonesia ke tingkat dunia internasional, khususnya destinasi pariwisata milik BUMN sebagai bentuk diplomasi budaya dalam kekuatan baru untuk memperkuat branding nasional.

Borobudur Symphony akan memadukan dua mahakarya yaitu Candi Borobudur yang merupakan warisan budaya anak bangsa yang telah diakui dunia internasional dengan mahakarya seni musik bertaraf internasional, dengan harapan pagelaran ini akan menjadi sebuah alternatif seni pertunjukan musik & tujuan wisata baru yang lebih menyegarkan dengan tetap selalu menampilkan keindahan & kearifan budaya lokal yaitu Candi Borobudur.

Untuk kesempatan kali pertama ini Borobudur Symphony akan menampilkan Mariah Carey, diva internasional yang pernah memenangkan 5 Grammy Awards, 19 World Music Awards, 11 American Music Awards, dan 14 Billboard Music Awards. Mariah Carey nanti akan tampil dihadapan penonton dengan latar belakang keindahan Candi Borobudur yang merupakan puncak pencapaian keselarasan teknik arsitektur dan estetika seni anak bangsa.

Edy Setijono, Direktur Utama PT. TWC menyampaikan “Pagelaran musik Borobudur Symphony ini merupakan sebuah pagelaran seni yang dipromotori oleh PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko yang memadukan antara kemegahan mahakarya Candi Borobudur dengan mahakarya musisi internasional yang dikemas dalam sebuah sajian musik secara live”. “Kami berharap Borobudur Symphony nantinya akan menjadi destinasi alternatif baru dalam upaya memajukan dunia pariwisata Indonesia, khususnya memperkenalkan kepada dunia internasional” lanjut Direktur Utama PT. TWC.

Harga tiket Borobudur Symphony 2018 MARIAH CAREY Live In Concert dibagi menjadi 5 kelas; SUPER VVIP (seat) ON CALL, DIAMOND (seat) Rp 7.000.000,- , PLATINUM (seat) Rp 3.500.000,- , GOLD Rp 2.000.000,- dan FESTIVAL (standing) Rp 1.000.000,- . Tiket Presale lebih hemat 20% hanya tanggal 18 April 2018 dijual secara online di www.tiketapasaja.com dan penjualan tiket reguler online mulai tanggal 20 April 2018 di www.tiketapasaja.com .
Informasi terbaru seputar Borobudur Symphony 2018 dapat diikuti melalui official account Instagram, Twitter dan Facebook Page @BorobudurSymphony dengan tagar #BorobudurSymphony #MariahCareyIndonesia dan hotline 08 222 666 4343 / 0274 521 328.

 Edy Setijono – Direktur Utama PT. Taman Wisata Candi Prambanan, Borobudur & Ratu Boko
 Palwoto – Project Director Borobudur Symphony (Direktur Keuangan, SDM & Investasi PT. Taman Wisata Candi Prambanan, Borobudur & Ratu Boko)
 Anas Syahrul Alimi – Event Consultant (CEO Rajawali Indonesia Communication)



Power Metal, a notable Indonesian rock musician, was confirmed to enliven Hanoman stage on Wisnu field in Prambanan Temple area on JogjaROCKarta Rock Music Festival on day 1, 29 September 2017. This is a good news, because not only Power Metal that will perform, but also God Bless that will perform on the same stage. It's like back on 27 years ago on 1990 when Power Metal for the first time on stage on God Bless's Raksasa concert.

Power Metal which now consists of Arul Efansyah (Vocal), Ipunk (Guitar), Lucky S.W (Guitar), Babah (Bass), dan Eko Dinaya (Drum) has just released a new album titled POWER GOLD in 2016. Power Metal released a remake of a song titled "BELENGGU" from Peace, Love & War (1999) in this album.

We have a short interview with Power Metal below:

What is your opinion about today's rock music?

Last 3 years, Indonesia have a good signal on rock music. There's a lot of world class musician perform in Indonesia.

Can you tell about God Bless?

God Bless is a legendary rock band in Indonesia that have a lot of experience. They always give a great performance on every show considering of their age.

What about JogjaROCKarta venue?

Prambanan area is a good spot for this event so we can also promote about nation's heritage to young people. Beside that, bring together a masterpiece, Prambanan Temple, with moderm music permorming art can form good emotional bond for our young people to our ancestor legacy.



Burgerkill scheduled to perform on JogjaROCKarta Music Festival on day 2, 30 September 2017. Burgerkill was founded on May 1995. They come from Ujungberung, Bandung Timur. Started by Eben, youngster from Jakarta who moved to Bandung. He met Ivan, Kimung, and Dadan then founded Burgerkill. Burgerkill released their first single, Revolt!, on 1997 that became opening song for their compilation album, Masaindahbangetsekalipisan. On late 1997, they participat on compilation album, Breathless, with their song, Offered Sucks. Early 1998 the released a single, Blank Proudness, on Grindcore Ujungberung bands compilation album titled Independent Rebel.

As time went on, Burgerkill gained popularity among metal music lovers. Weaponize by good songs and stunning stage performances, Burgerkil became an idol and have a fanatic fans. After gained success on indie society, Burgerkill moved on major label and gain success. Mid 2004, with his album, Berkarat, Burgerkill nominated on the biggest music award event in Indonesia, AMI Awards, and surprisingly they win the Best Metal Production category. Burgerkill's today member are Ebenz (lead guitar), Ramdan (bass), Vicky (vocal), Agung (lead guitar,rhythm guitar), and Putra Pra Ramadhan (additional drum).

For Burgerkill lovers who can wait their performance on JogjaROCKarta Music Festival, we have a short interview for a warm-up:

Burgerkill's fans are soo fanatic. What do you think?

We are glad, of course, to have fanatic fans. We are glad that a lot of people appreciate our works. Our fans are greater and greater and spreading quickly among the development of technology. Meeting the fans was fun for us, they're like energy for Burgerkill to keep exploring and doing a lot of things.... All hail Begundal!

What do you think about Roxx?

Roxx is a living legend for Indonesian rock that still productive, even some of us are very familiar with their works. We are glad to be on the same stage with them on JogjaROCKarta, the one that brave enough presenting musician across generation.

What do you thing about our venue, Prambanan Temple area?

By holding JogjaROCKarta in Prambanan Temple area will be additional value for audience. Anyone who attend will feel a unique spirit and will have a great story after that. But, of course, we have to keep the area clean and keep in order, because however that was historical site.

Prambanan Jazz International Music Festival is an annual music show with which is international in scope, held in the front yard of Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. Prambanan Jazz comes with the exoticism of the splendour artwork owned by Prambanan Temple, which is also a masterpiece from Indonesia the world has seen. This exoticism will be combined with a world-class works of music, with an expectation that this would build a new way for our cultural diplomacy, to help utilize our cultural industry as a new energy to empower our national branding.

This would be the second year for “Indihome Prambanan Jazz 2016” and this event will continue in the future years. This annual event will be one of the attempts to introduce the products of our culture in the area of international tourism industry. The CEO of Rajawali Indonesia Communication, Anas Syahrul Alimi, said, “We will always bring you world class musicians and also the best ones from our own country. I do hope that this event would be an alternative as a concert, which contents both local and global cultures. Through “Indihome Prambanan Jazz 2016”, we hope that there will be a continuous and long-term synergy in the acts of introducing our tourism internationally.

Anas also said that this time, “Indihome Prambanan Jazz 2016” will be held for 2 days, from the 20th until 21st of August 2016. The concept will be different from the previous Prambanan Jazz. There will be 2 large stages at the Brahma and Wisnu venues. Brahma venue is going to be use for special shows and Wisnu venue for the festival shows. “It’s indeed requires a lot of work to make a Jazz Festival in Yogyakarta for 2 days, but we do all these to satisfy all of the music enthusiasts in Yogyakarta and the surrounding area. Rajawali Indonesia Communication has a commitment to create a remarkable concert in such a majestic place as Prambanan Temple.”

Bakkar Wibowo, the project director of “Indihome Prambanan Jazz 2016” agreed with that statement. He added, “Jogja is special in every aspects, Jogja is a memory, so we want to collect every pieces of those memories and turn it to something very special through an outdoor music show, in a very special place with a very special crowd and very special performances.

Other than that, Bakkar also said that there will be an expo and food bazaar with a cozy atmosphere on this biggest music festival in Yogyakarta and Central Java. You can get relax, admiring the beauty of sunset and Prambanan Temple in the twilight, while relishing quality music and enjoying top choices culinary.

Last year, we already brought you an American saxophonist which also a Grammy holder, Kenny G. He did such a mesmerizing performance in front of thousands audience at the Prambanan Temple yard. And this year, we will also bring you a world-class musician, holder of 4 Grammy Awards and 9 trophies of American Music Award (AMA), Boyz II Men. The hits maker of dozens songs will be performing at the special show stage on August 20th 2016. There will also be Rick Price, which is known for his hit songs “Heaven Knows” and “If You’re My Baby”.

Before you think that it’s only them, we would like to tell you that we still have more surprise! This time, we are in the negotiation process with an agent of world jazz legends. “We really hope that we will have a deal. So the artist’s great performance can be enjoyed live by all of the music lovers in this festival.

From our country, “Indihome Prambanan Jazz 2016”, there are numbers of famous names who will entertain you as well. Such as Kahitna, Krakatau Reunion, Tulus, Mocca, Shaggy Dog, Trio Lestari (Glenn Fredly, Tompi and Sandhy Sondoro), and many more. “There will be more names to be announced, let’s wait.” said Bakkar Wibowo.

For this event, Rajawali Indonesia Communication working with Indihome Fiber Telkom as a main sponsor. Yaaro Hulu, Deputy EVP Telkom Regional IV and Firmansyah, General Manager of Telkom Yogyakarta, both stated that, “This is a form of our commitment to cooperate in order to support the national tourism agenda and as a service to be the best for our customers. For that reason, the title for Prambanan Jazz this year will be “Indihome Prambanan Jazz 2016”.

Just like the previous year, and for the upcoming years, we always team up with PT Taman Wisata Candi Prambanan, Borobudur and Boko, as a realization of our commitment in empowering the tourism industry to get global.

Edy Setijono, President Director of PT TWC said, “We will always give our full support for this event. Prambanan Jazz International Music Festival has become an important part of our annual agenda”.


“Indihome Prambanan Jazz 2016” serves different types of tickets you can choose. Single entry tickets for the festival area costs IDR 200.000 and season tickets for two days costs IDR 300.000.

For the Special Show, on Day 1 the ticket fares are grouped into 3 classes, Platinum IDR 1.500.000; Gold IDR 750.000; Silver IDR 400.000. And the ticket fares for Special Show Day 2 are, Platinum IDR 800.000; Gold IDR 500.000; Silver IDR 250.000.

We also have limited Diamond tickets that you can get through on call reservation. Other tickets are available online at www.tiketapasaja.com or offline at our ticket box, located in Sate Afrika Jl. Raya Tajem Maguwoharjo Yogyakarta.

Get a 25% off at the pre-sale event on April 2nd - 3rd 2016. The event took place at our ticket box, Sate Afrika Jl. Raya Tajem Maguwoharjo Yogyakarta.

We highly recommend to reserve your ticket as soon as possible, so you can choose a preferable seat number and enjoy Prambanan Jazz from the best spot. Don’t miss the glorious concert of “Indihome Prambanan Jazz 2016”. Saturday and Sunday, 20th and 21st of August 2016 at Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. For more info, please call our hotline 0274 521328 / 08 222 666 4343 and follow us on Twitter @RajawaliIndo.


Live in Surabaya & Karanganyar


Dyandra Convention Center Surabaya - 22 Maret  2018

De Tjolomadoe, Karanganyar, Surakarta - 24 Maret 2018

Sukses menggelar konsernya di Yogyakarta tahun lalu, David Foster kembali ke Indonesia untuk konser tur 2 kota, yaitu Surabaya dan Surakarta bulan Maret 2018 mendatang. 

Kali ini PT. Sinergi Colomadu sebagai promotor menggandeng Rajawali Indonesia Communication sebagai event consultant untuk menggarap konser  sang “HITMAN” musisi legendaris pencetak hits ini. Seperti tahun lalu, David Foster menggandeng Brian McKnight pelantun lagu “One Last Cry”. Kali ini peraih 16 Grammy Awards ini akan mengajak juga rekan juri-nya di Asia’s Got Talent, Anggun, penyanyi wanita kelahiran Indonesia yang mengawali karirnya sebagai penyanyi rock, dan memiliki karir musik internasional.

Untuk artis Indonesia yang akan turut tampil, dari pihak promotor belum dapat mengumumkan. “Masih menunggu kabar dari pihak manajemen David Foster dan akan kami announce segera”

Konser akan bertempat di Dyandra Convention Center, Surabaya dan De Tjolomadoe, situs bekas Pabrik Gula Colomadu di Karanganyar, Surakarta. Konser berdurasi hampir 3 jam ini akan dimulai pada pukul 20.00 WIB.

Bagian yang menarik dari konser ini adalah dipilihnya De Tjolomadoe sebagai venue konser tidak terlepas dari bagian optimalisasi kawasan bekas Pabrik Gula Colomadu yang juga merupakan aset negara, dengan cara merevitalisasi dengan tetap mempertahankan nilai dan kekayaan historical yang dimiliki menjadi pusat kebudayaan, convention hall, museum pabrik gula dan area komersial yang terletak di Kabupaten Karanganyar.

Konser David Foster ini dihelat sebagai penanda selesainya tahap pertama revitalisasi eks PG Colomadu oleh konsorsium BUMN, antara lain PT. PP (Persero) Tbk, PT. PP Properti Tbk, PT. Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan dan Ratu Boko (Persero), dan PT. Jasa Marga Properti. Konser ini akan bertempat di convention hall yang berkapasitas hingga 3000 orang.

“Menyambut beroperasinya De Tjolomadoe di tahun 2018, kami menghadirkan konser HITMAN David Foster & Friends yang akan dilaksanakan di dua tempat, yakni Surabaya pada tanggal 22 Maret 2018, dan di Karanganyar pada tanggal 24 Maret 2018”

Sambutan hangat dari publik selepas 2 line up utamanya Brian McKnight dan Anggun pertama kali mengunggah postingan promo konser. Konser David Foster and Friends akan menjadi konser kelas internasional pertama di Karanganyar.

Tiket konser David Foster And Friends Live in Surabaya & Surakarta dibagi menjadi 4 kelas berikut harganya

Diamond       Rp 5.000.000 (seat with number)

Platinum       Rp 2.500.000 (seat with number)

Gold             Rp 1.500.000 (seat without number)

Festival         Rp 0.600.000 (standing)

Tiket konser telah dibuka penjualan secara online sejak tanggal 27 Januari 2018 di www.tiketapasaja.com

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut terkait konser ini dapat diikuti melalui akun official kami di media sosial Instagram @rajawaliindonesiacomm, Twitter @RajawaliIndo dan Facebook Page Rajawali Indonesia Communication dan pasang tagar #DavidFosterSURABAYA dan #DavidFosterSURAKARTA

Hotline yang dapat dihubungi 0274 521328 dan 08 222 666 4343


Narasumber :

Tumiyana - President Director PT. PP Persero Tbk

Sinur Linda Gustina - Director of Commercial PT. PP Persero Tbk


Event Consultant

Rajawali Indonesia Communication

Jl. Kaliurang Km 5,6 Gg Pandega Marta II/32 Yogyakarta 55281

Tel 0274 521328 / 08 222 666 4343


HITMAN David Foster & Friends akan Konser di Launching De Tjolomadoe


Pabrik Gula Tjolomadoe, disingkat PG Tjolomadoe didirikan tahun 1861 di Kabupaten Karanganyar oleh Mangkunegaran ke-IV. Tahun 1928, pabrik ini mengalami perluasan area lahan tebu dan perombakan arsitektur.

Tahun 1996, PG Tjolomadoe, disebut juga PG Colomadu dikelola oleh PTPN IX. Tahun 1998, PG Colomadu yang berlokasi di Jl. Adi Sucipto No. 1, Karanganyar ini berhenti beroperasi.

BUMN kemudian bersinergi untuk mengoptimalisasi ex PG Colomadu, yaitu PT PP (Persero) Tbk, PT PP Properti Tbk, PT Taman Wisata Candi Prambanan, Borobudur, dan Ratu Boko (Persero), serta PT Jasa Marga Properti, dengan membentuk konsorsium bernama PT Sinergi Colomadu.

Feasibility study dilakukan, dan merujuk kajian highest and best use yang dilakukan oleh konsultan independen, PT PP (Persero) Tbk bersama BUMN yang bersinergi melakukan investasi dan revitalisasi. Tahap I revitalisasi, gedung ex pabrik gula dengan luas bangunan 1,3 ha di atas lahan 6,4 ha, dengan tetap mempertahankan nilai dan kekayaan historical yang ada, dimanfaatkan menjadi venue bernilai sejarah dan manfaat commercial.

Tanggal 8 April 2017, Peletakan Batu Pertama revitalisasi ex PG Colomadu dilaksanakan oleh Menteri BUMN Ibu Rini Soemarno, dihadiri oleh Direktur Utama PTPN 9, para Pemegang Saham PT Sinergi Colomadu, Para Direksi BUMN, Kementerian BUMN, dan MUSPIDA Karanganyar dan Surakarta.

PT PP (Persero) Tbk, PT PP Properti Tbk, PT Taman Wisata Candi Prambanan, Borobudur, dan Ratu Boko (Persero), serta PT Jasa Marga Properti, melaksanakan konstruksi revitalisasi dengan mengikuti kaidah cagar budaya, memperhitungkan aspek kekuatan bangunan yang ada, serta mempertahankan nilai arsitektur awal, di mana PT Sinergi Colomadu bekerja sama dengan PT Airmas Asri. Sehingga, gedung dan kawasan ex PG Colomadu dapat difungsikan kembali dengan nilai tambah.

Tumiyana, President Director PT PP (Persero) Tbk menyampaikan, “Kami bersama Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) melakukan kajian kekuatan struktur bangunan, menambah konstruksi ‘transfer beam’ untuk memperkokoh bangunan, dan ruangan yang dulunya sebagai stasiun masakan pada saat beroperasi sebagai pabrik gula, sekarang bisa digunakan sebagai concert hall. Bangunan yang paling luar tetap dipertahankan, façade dirapikan dan dikembalikan seperti kondisi semula. Begitu pula dengan keberadaan mesin-mesin ex pabrik gula dibersihkan, lalu dilapisi oleh cat khusus untuk mencegah karat. Drainase juga diperbaiki serta halaman kawasan pun dirapikan. Sehingga nantinya kawasan ini dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai ruang komersial yang menyampaikan pesan sejarah, dan dinikmati oleh masyarakat.”

Selama proses renovasi berlangsung, sejumlah event telah dilaksanakan oleh PT Sinergi Colomadu untuk meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat sekaligus memperkenalkan revitalisasi PG Colomadu ke pasar. Event tersebut antara lain Pesta Siaga Pramuka (Januari 2017), Lomba Mewarnai (Mei, 2017), Ramadan Festive (Mei-Juni 2017), Zumba Bersama (September 2017), De Tjolomadoe Now – Lomba sketsa, Fotografi, Batik Fashion Show dan Panggung Musik (Desember 2017).

Dengan nama baru De Tjolomadoe, kawasan ini akan dibuka untuk umum tanggal 24 Maret 2018. Opening ditandai dengan digelarnya konser bertaraf internasional HITMAN David Foster and Friends di dua kota, yaitu Surabaya, 22 Maret 2018 dan Surakarta, 24 Maret 2018.

De Tjolomadoe menjadi destinasi wisata heritage baru di Surakarta, yang dapat difungsikan menjadi Culture Center, Concert Hall dengan kapasitas maksimal 3.000 orang, Venue of MICE dengan kapasitas maksimal 1.000 orang, dan Commercial Area yang berisikan berbagai tenant F&B serta kerajinan tangan Indonesia.



President Director

PT PP (Persero) Tbk

Plaza PP - Wisma Subiyanto

Jl. Letjend TB. Simpatupang No. 57

Pasar Rebo, Jakarta 13760

American RnB trio, Boyz II Men, confirmed to perform in Yogyakarta this year. The show is a part of 'Boyz II Men Indonesian Tour 2016' and they will be performing on a music festival titled 'Prambanan Jazz' which took place at Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta.

Rajawali Indonesia as the promotor of Prambanan Jazz, has confirmed this information on their official Twitter account by uploading the 'Boyz II Men Indonesian Tour 2016' e-flyer. Their show schedules in Indonesia are also been published on the trio's official website. There are two other cities that they're going to visit during the tour, those are Surabaya and Bandung. Surabaya will be the opening city of Boyz II Men concert on August 17th 2016, followed by Bandung on August 18th 2016 and then Yogyakarta on August 20th 2016.

More information about ticket fares and reservation will be announced soon on March 23rd 2016 by Rajawali Indonesia. You can buy your ticket online at tiketapasaja.com.

After a quite long wait, Rajawali Indonesia Communication finally managed to bring one of the world music legends closer to us, here in Yogyakarta. He’s the one who won 16 Grammy Awards from 1980 until 2011 as the best producer, songwriter and arranger. He also won 1 Golden Globe Award on 1998 as the best songwriter; and in the near future, he’s going to fulfil the dream of Yogyakartans to be entertained by him and his masterpiece that we’re already familiar with. You may get it right. Yes! he’s “THE HITMAN”, David Foster!

David Foster is not just an artist. He’s now a global brand in the world of music. David Foster is undoubtedly a master of ballad, songs that can drive you crazy for a moment because of the strong emotion within each of them. His touch on the popular music, is not just a tiny little ripple. It’s a tidal wave rushing to the shore.

Now a well-known producer and composer, he was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, on the first day of November, 1949. Foster started his journey in music since 1973, and in no time, he was considered as one of the best keyboardist. In the 70s, Foster also collaborated with some popular names, such as John Lennon, Diana Ross, George Harrison and Rod Stewart.

He became famous as a producer of those who shines in the music industry, such as Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, NSync, Whitney Houston, Cher, Barbra Sterissand, Kenny Rogers, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more. He’s also the man behind the success of “The Power of Love” by Celine Dion and “Unforgetable” by Natalie Cole in the 90s era.

One of his best achievement was when Foster held his spectacular concert called “Hit Man : David Foster and Friends”, which also performing numbers of popular singers like Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Katherine McPhee, Blake Shelton, Brian McKnight, Kenny G, Peter Cetera, Charice and many other singers whose albums are handled by Foster.

A songwriter, producer and musician who has won 16 Grammy Awards, nominated in Oscar for three times, not to mention those he received from Emmy Award and Canadian Juno Award. And he will be performing in Yogyakarta, bringing a show titled “HITMAN David Foster & Friends Live in Yogyakarta”.

Anas Syahrul Alimi as the CEO of Rajawali Indonesia Communication confirmed that David Foster is going to perform in Yogyakarta on April 7th 2017. He added, “The show will took place at Grand Pacific Hall Yogyakarta, and we are working with IndieHome as the main sponsor of this concert. David Foster will also bring his full band and give a surprise for his concert in Yogyakarta. Let’s just wait and see. Anas also said that there will be artists from Indonesia who will be performing with David Foster, but we haven’t got the names by now because Foster’s management still in the process of deciding who’s going to perform with ‘The Hitman’ in Yogyakarta.

With an affordable price, you can enjoy an excellent show from Rajawali Indonesia Communication. Te tickets are grouped into 4 classes :

VVIP : Rp. 2.500.000
Platinum : Rp. 1.500.000
Gold : Rp. 750.000
Festival : Rp. 350.000

The great news is, Rajawali Indonesia is going to open a ticket pre-sale, so you can get 20% discount if you buy your ticket on 17th and 18th December 2016. The pre-sale event will took place at Lower Ground Hartono Mall Yogyakarta, start from 11.00 until 17.00. Online pre-sale tickets from tiketapasaja.com will only be open on December 18th 2016. Please note that pre-sale tickets are limited. From December 19th 2016, you can get the regular tickets online by visiting tiketapasaja.com or visit the offline ticket box at Parsley Bakery & Resto, located in Jalan Kaliurang, Jalan Laksda Adisucipto and Seturan. For IndiHome 100 Fiber members, you will also get a special discount which will be announced after the pre-sale event on the December 18th, by just showing that you have downloaded MyIndihome app.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to witness a world class concert presented by IndiHome and Rajawali Indonesia Communication, HITMAN David Foster and Friends, Live in Concert on April 6th 2017, at Grand Pacific Hall Yogyakarta, because David Foster is an ultimate guarantee for a sophisticated music concert.

More info
Hotline 0274 521 328 / 08 222 666 4343
Twitter @RajawaliIndo
Instagram @RajawaliIndonesiaComm
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