NOAH “Born To Make History Concert”

"NOAH BAND is a new energy for Indonesian music. The return of the band that was famous by the name Peterpan has evoked the curiosity from fans and another music enthusiast. It is where this special concert started,” said Anas Syahrul Alimi, CEO of Rajawali Indonesia Communication.

The band that consist of Ariel on vocal, Uki and Lukman on guitar, Reza on drums and David on bass is not merely a random band. Their musicality and quality become the guarantee for making hits. The togetherness keep them from scattering of alternating personnel, although they have vacuumed for a couple years before the comeback.

Now they come back with fresher and more mature concept for their music. When one of their new songs were accidentally leaked and surprisingly the public really liked it even though the song was not released yet. This phenomenon indicated that NOAH had been missed by its fans. Shortly afterwards, the song “Separuh Aku” that has leaked officially released with the music video.


NOAH management is doing many promotions to the band. One of them is by holding concert in 5 countries on 2 continents in only one day as the remarkable comeback of the NOAH band and the launching of their new album. This sensational concert tour is even awarded by Record Museum of Indonesia (MURI). This achievement became a new history not only for NOAH but also for Indonesian music.

Bring the same spirit with NOAH, Berlian Entertainment and Rajawali Indonesia Communication are cooperating to hold a spectacular performance of NOAH in Yogyakarta as the part of concert tour that held in 9 cities titled “Born to Make History” Concert.

NOAH will be performing their concert in Yogyakarta at 17 October 2012. The “resurrection” concert which was originally to be held at GOR State University of Yogyakarta is eventually moved by the promoters to Grand Pacific Convention Hall Yogyakarta for convenience reasons. The event relocation does not affect the ticket classes and prices. To accommodate the die hard fans of NOAH, the organizer has been prepared 3000 tickets from festival to VVIP class.

“The tickets is still available. Previously we did pre-sale tickets for 500 tickets at Rp 50,000 cheaper for all classes but they immediately sold out within a day. Well, there is wrong information among the fans that all the tickets are sold whereas actually there are 2500 tickets that still can be purchased, starts from Rp. 150.000 for festival to Rp. 650.000 for VVIP,” Anas stated.

Regarding the concept to be applied, Anas explained that the concert will be made similar as with NOAH concert in 5 countries 2 continents some time ago. Thematic stage, spectacular multimedia and lighting will support the band performance.

The concert tour series is expected to be a treat for the fans after the vacuum of the band. NOAH will perform their new songs like “Separuh Aku” and other nostalgic songs from their old albums when they were still named Peterpan.

So, do not forget to watch the special concert of NOAH, Born to Make History Concert on that date. For more information, please contact the office Rajawali Indonesia on 0274-520115, or follow @RajawaliIndo account and #NOAHjogja on Twiiter.