Tompi's performance highly acclaimed of all spectators who packed the Hall Grand Pacific, Jalan Magelang, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY), on Friday (4/2/2011) night. Only by clearing his throat, Tompi already drew cries of the fans. Audience of around 3,500 people welcomed the opening performance of Tompi with applause and shouts. Cheers have started to rumble even when Tompi not sing his song yet. "Ehhemm ..." Tompi's typical voice from behind the stage curtain. Suddenly, the entire hall rumbled by shouts calling upon Tompi and applause. A moment later, Tompi appeared on stage accompanied by jazz. Tompi sang Do not Worry Be Happy. Tompi is the opening act in the Special Night With Tompi - Glenn Fredly - Sandhy Sondoro show at Grand Pasific Hall, Jalan Magelang, DIY Yogyakarta on friday (4/2/2011) night.