Power Metal, a notable Indonesian rock musician, was confirmed to enliven Hanoman stage on Wisnu field in Prambanan Temple area on JogjaROCKarta Rock Music Festival on day 1, 29 September 2017. This is a good news, because not only Power Metal that will perform, but also God Bless that will perform on the same stage. It's like back on 27 years ago on 1990 when Power Metal for the first time on stage on God Bless's Raksasa concert.

Power Metal which now consists of Arul Efansyah (Vocal), Ipunk (Guitar), Lucky S.W (Guitar), Babah (Bass), dan Eko Dinaya (Drum) has just released a new album titled POWER GOLD in 2016. Power Metal released a remake of a song titled "BELENGGU" from Peace, Love & War (1999) in this album.

We have a short interview with Power Metal below:

What is your opinion about today's rock music?

Last 3 years, Indonesia have a good signal on rock music. There's a lot of world class musician perform in Indonesia.

Can you tell about God Bless?

God Bless is a legendary rock band in Indonesia that have a lot of experience. They always give a great performance on every show considering of their age.

What about JogjaROCKarta venue?

Prambanan area is a good spot for this event so we can also promote about nation's heritage to young people. Beside that, bring together a masterpiece, Prambanan Temple, with moderm music permorming art can form good emotional bond for our young people to our ancestor legacy.



Burgerkill scheduled to perform on JogjaROCKarta Music Festival on day 2, 30 September 2017. Burgerkill was founded on May 1995. They come from Ujungberung, Bandung Timur. Started by Eben, youngster from Jakarta who moved to Bandung. He met Ivan, Kimung, and Dadan then founded Burgerkill. Burgerkill released their first single, Revolt!, on 1997 that became opening song for their compilation album, Masaindahbangetsekalipisan. On late 1997, they participat on compilation album, Breathless, with their song, Offered Sucks. Early 1998 the released a single, Blank Proudness, on Grindcore Ujungberung bands compilation album titled Independent Rebel.

As time went on, Burgerkill gained popularity among metal music lovers. Weaponize by good songs and stunning stage performances, Burgerkil became an idol and have a fanatic fans. After gained success on indie society, Burgerkill moved on major label and gain success. Mid 2004, with his album, Berkarat, Burgerkill nominated on the biggest music award event in Indonesia, AMI Awards, and surprisingly they win the Best Metal Production category. Burgerkill's today member are Ebenz (lead guitar), Ramdan (bass), Vicky (vocal), Agung (lead guitar,rhythm guitar), and Putra Pra Ramadhan (additional drum).

For Burgerkill lovers who can wait their performance on JogjaROCKarta Music Festival, we have a short interview for a warm-up:

Burgerkill's fans are soo fanatic. What do you think?

We are glad, of course, to have fanatic fans. We are glad that a lot of people appreciate our works. Our fans are greater and greater and spreading quickly among the development of technology. Meeting the fans was fun for us, they're like energy for Burgerkill to keep exploring and doing a lot of things.... All hail Begundal!

What do you think about Roxx?

Roxx is a living legend for Indonesian rock that still productive, even some of us are very familiar with their works. We are glad to be on the same stage with them on JogjaROCKarta, the one that brave enough presenting musician across generation.

What do you thing about our venue, Prambanan Temple area?

By holding JogjaROCKarta in Prambanan Temple area will be additional value for audience. Anyone who attend will feel a unique spirit and will have a great story after that. But, of course, we have to keep the area clean and keep in order, because however that was historical site.

YOGYAKARTA - The festival titled JogjaROCKarta certainly moved. Instead, the festival that will present Dream Theater and God Bless will be performed in Prambanan Temple area.

"The permit from the Director General of Culture of Prambanan Temple has been officially issued," Bakkar Wibowo, Project Director of Jogjarockarta, said in a statement to reporters in Jakarta on Monday (11/9).

JogjaROCKarta Festival is a project promoted by Rajawali Indonesia Communication. This festival is scheduled to be held on 29-30 September. There will be two stages prepared to satisfy the music lovers in Yogyakarta and throughout Indonesia.

"For the stage that present Indonesian artist will be in Wisnu field, while Dream Theater special stage will be in Brahma field," Bakkar said.

By the change of venue, Bakkar asserted it won't change the ticket price of the show, which is 900.000 rupiah for Festival A and 450.000 rupiah for Festival B.

Promoters have revealed that first day ticket (7500 pieces) have been sold out. "Second day ticket is still available. We are really motivated by the response of rock music lovers in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas, hopefully the performance will satisfy their thirst," Bakkar said.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Rajawali Indonesia Communication, Anas Syahrul Alimi, said that the change of venue for JogjaROCKarta to Prambanan Temple area is part of promoting Indonesian cultural wisdom to the international stage.

"For the promotion and diplomacy of Indonesian culture in the international world then the venue that originally will be held on Kridosono Stadium changed to Prambanan Temple, because Prambanan Temple is a heritage of world heritage." he explained.

JogjaROCKarta became the first title held by the promoter Rajawali Indonesia Communication. For this festival, giant progressive rock band from the United States, Dream Theater, will still be scheduled to perform for two days in a row.

Other bands that will be performing at this rock festival are Burgerkill, Power Metal, Death Vomit, Rocket Pilot Group, Roxx, Pas Band, Something Wrong, and God Bless.

Rajawali Indonesia Communication familiar with Prambanan Temple on organizing music event. Last August, the promoters gain success with a festival of jazz music titled Prambanan Jazz.

Anas said that JogjaROCKarta will be ready to satisfy the thirst of rock and metal music lovers from all over Indonesia. "We are very confident that we are confident that by changing the venue to prambanan temple will increase the attraction for the audience." he said.