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Rajawali Indonesia Communication is a service company in the field of communication services that provide products include communication strategies, event planning and promotion. 2002 was the first milestone we initiated steps in the business world in the field of promotion and event organizer with the name Rajawali. Starting from small-scale events such as direct selling and was trusted to initiate a large scale event, like a showbiz and exhibition. After several years of dynamics in the field of promotion, in 2009 our vision to transform our business by using a new name, Rajawali Indonesia Communication. As one service provider company focusing in the field of communication strategies, Rajawali Indonesia Communication committed to providing the best service, service excellent in a professional, creative and innovative in meeting the needs of partners, both companies and institutional non businesses maximize communication strategies and supports success vision and goals to be achieved together with our business partners. With name and new vision, our products complement our services by providing products advertizing which includes indoor and outdoor promotion. Armed with the experience of the initiators RIC team mature and adequate in business strategy to accelerate the dynamics of communication, Rajawali Indonesia Communication inaugurated the legality and legitimacy of our company into a form Limited Liability namely, PT. Syakira Ghyna Rajawali Indonesia Communication, since July 2009.